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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for First Time Moms

Like many first time moms, I spent a lot of time browsing Pinterest looking at various posts about what to pack in my hospital bag. I wanted to find a short and simple list that had the basics to take to the hospital. One day after countless days of searching, I finally found the list I had been looking for!

I purchased items from the list that I needed, packed our “go bag” and felt ready to go! When my water broke and we went to the hospital, we grabbed our bag and we were on our way! While at the hospital, I thought to myself “why did I bring all these items? I don’t need half of them!” But then of course there were items that I wish I had brought to the hospital as well.

Which is why I have decided to write about my experience with items, what I used and didn’t even need, what products I liked and would take again, and items that I wish I would have brought and will definatly bring the second time around!

  1. Nursing dress/night gown– I purchased this from Amazon and loved it! It came in multiple colors; I bought two but really only needed one. After being in the hospital gown for a day I was ready to wear something different, that wasn’t open in the back, and still allowed me to nurse. This dress was also what I went home in. After having a baby you have on mesh underwear and bulky pads the last thing you want to do was put on leggings to go home. The dress is something I saved and will take to the hospital again!
  2. Back massager– This item was not on any of the packing lists I found but it was something we discussed during child birthing classes as a good item for you husband or partner to have during labor. My husband purchased this back massager from Amazon and let me tell you it was a lifesaver; not only for me but also for him. It truly saved his hands from hurting/falling asleep during labor. While in labor, while I was having contractions, my husband would use the back massager to rub my lower back; this helped lessen the pain and the length of the contraction. This is an item that is a must have if you are having a natural birth, it truly was the most used item while in the hospital.
  3. Toiletries– If your hospital has a shower in both labor and delivery or in the in the mother baby unit then you NEED It was so awesome to take a shower, before labor and after giving birth. It helped me to feel like a person again and clean after everything that just happened to my body! I really only used the basics, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I forgot two items that I wish I had in my “go bag;” it was my hairbrush and a razor.
  4. Nursing Bra/Nursing Tank Tops – I brought my nursing bra with me but I never put it on while at the hospital. There was always too much going on for me to even think about putting a bra on. Plus it was easier to nurse the baby without having to fidget with a bra and the gown. I also brought with me nursing tank tops but never used them either. With the tank tops I would have had to put on pants and that would have been challenging given the amount of doctors that kept coming in to check if I was bleeding/healing. The tank tops however are great for when you are at home and wearing leggings or shorts!
  5. Phone Chargers/Outlet Plugs – This is a must have for sure! My husband and I purchased 10 foot cords so they would reach the hospital bed without any issues. We both have IPhones; find the link for the chargers here!
  6. Partners Go Bag– My husband brought too many clothes with him! He really only wore his basketball shorts and t-shirt; of course a new pair of underwear and socks are a must! Also, pack your partner a jacket sometimes the hospitals get cold!
  7. Pillows– We brought our own pillows, its bad enough having to sleep on a hard hospital bed after giving birth but even harder to sleep with a rock hard pillow. We each brought one pillow and we are glad that we did, it helped us to be a little more comfortable during our stay.
  8. Car Seat/Base – Don’t forget your carseat and base to bring baby home! The hospital won’t let you leave without it! Typically the hospital will instruct you to leave the carseat in your car until its discharge day; this can mainly be due to space in the hospital room.

Items I wish I had brought with me that I will absolutely bring next time!

  • Prenatal Vitamins and Ibuprofen– At the hospital every night you are there they give you a prenatal vitamin, depending on your hospital will depend on the price. Every day we were there we were charged $8.00 for a prenatal vitamin. They also only give you Motrin for pain, which is essentially Ibuprofen; again this cost me $8.00 a day for something that I have at home. I wish the other lists I looked at had mentioned this because it would have saved me at least $100 off my bill!
  • Nursing Pillow (Boppy)– I wish I had brought my Boppy with me. Being a first time mom it was difficult to nurse my son; he had a high pallet and had a hard time latching. I think having the pillow would have helped me with positions and comfort for both my son and myself.

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