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What I Wish People Knew about Mild Hearing Loss

What I Wish People Knew about Mild Hearing Loss is that they can hear, they just have trouble hearing soft sounds and high pitch noises; especially when there is background noise.

Of course every child that has a mild hearing loss can fall within different ranges and hear things that a child with mild hearing loss may or may not be able to hear.

My son has a mild hearing loss, it was discovered when he was three months old. My son has a difficult time hearing high pitch sounds, such as the leaves blowing in the wind, running water, a whisper, and words that begin with F, P, SH, and words that end with ING and ED.

If my son did not wear hearing aids it would be difficult to know that he has a mild hearing loss. My son is smart and his language is on track with a child that does not have hearing loss.

When thinking about mild hearing loss and things our family has mentioned to us about our sons hearing loss there are some things that I wish people knew.

Things I Wish People Knew about Mild Hearing Loss:

  1. They can still hear.
    1. A child with mild hearing loss can still hear, they just struggle hearing things clearly; words sound more muffled without hearing aids on. And a child with mild hearing loss has difficulties hearing certain noises and sounds.
  2. When children are in a place with background noise, it is tough to hear (at the playground, at the beach, in a restaurant, and in the classroom.
  3. Even though children have a mild hearing loss it is important to still communicate with them, talk to them like they are individuals, and read to them; you never know what their brains are able to absorb.
  4. When their back is towards you, they have a hard time hearing you; be patient and get closer to them so they can hear you.
  5. They may look typical, but they don’t have typical hearing.

Mild hearing loss is mild but that doesn’t mean that the child is not struggling to hear and understand their world around them. It is important to be patient, calm, and understanding when parenting, living with, or being around a child that has mild hearing loss.

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