Favorite Baby Items
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Favorite Baby Items

Building your baby registry for any pregnancy can be challenging. Especially since you are not exactly sure what to expect once baby arrives. I found it to be challenging to pick out baby items for a baby that I had yet to meet. I found doing research was the best possible solution to picking items that I thought I needed. Which is why I decided to put together a list of my favorite baby items!

Of course there were a few items that I ended up receiving but did not actually need but I feel like that happens to any first time mom.

I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of my favorite baby items that I used for my son just in case you are in the same position as I was and need a little guidance.

Favorite Baby Items: 

  1. Owlet Sock – This item is an absolute must have! It helped my husband and I sleep peacefully while our son slept, it is also great when infant is sick. The sock also monitors your babies sleep habits; which is awesome to see!
  2. Owlet Camera – The nursery camera is great! It is accessible from your phone app and also tells you the temperature of your babies room; which is helpful in the winter
  3. Baby Breeza – This is an item I did not know I needed because I wanted to breastfeed. When breastfeeding did not work and I had to formula feed, this item was a life saver! It warms the water, while mixing the formula to make the perfect bottle in 10 seconds!
  4. Hatch Sound Machine and Night Light – The sound machine is awesome! You can control the sound and light from your phone and serves as a good night light for those middle of the night moments when you don’t need full light.
  5. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier – The wrap is something I did not register for but quickly bought because I realized I needed to be hands free to get things done; like the laundry or the dishes.
  6. Boppy – I had a Boppy to breastfeed, which helped when I tried to breastfeed but where I used the Boppy the most was for tummy time. It really helped to prop my son up and keep him comfortable while encouraging tummy time

Best of luck to you and your new bundle of joy! I hope this list was helpful and can help guide you to pick the best items for your family!

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